• Ash

This is a light coloured North American Hardwood.It has a similar grain to Oak except that it is far whiter in colour if the white ash is specified.Generally some darker haertwood can be expected in any consignment which adds character to the finished product.

Generally used for high quality furniture and kithcen cupboards it has found favour lately as a flooring timber due to its strength and hardness.Ash is also a timber which bends easily with a little help and many bentwood items these days are manufactured from Ash

 Ash(with brown heartwood)
  • African walnut

A medium brown coloured timber which originates from West Africa.It is similar in apperaence to american walnut hence the name.It can be used for furniture and kitchen cupboards.It is lighter in weight than the american walnut.

  • Balau

Balau is a very durable timber imported from the far east Ie malaysia and indonesia.It is also known as Selangan Batu or Bangkirai.It is a heavy timber weighing in over 800kg/m3.Its properties make it ideal for outdoor work and it is used mainly in the construction industry for structural purposes.

It is also used for decking where it is sold in a variety of profiles and sizes.Pinholes and shotholes are occasionally found in this timber but they do not affect the strength

  • Beech American
  • Beech European

European Beech

  • Blackwood – knynsa
  • Cherry
  • Cottonwood
  • Cypress


  • Imbuia
  • Iroko


  • Karri
  • Keruing
  • Kiaat

Brown and White KiaatAll Brown Kiaat

  • Afr mahogany
  • Maple

Hard Maple(white)

  • Meranti
  • Melunak
  • Oak
  • Obeche/wawa
  • Oregon

Oregon pine

  • Zim teak
  • Rosewood
  • SA Pine

SA Pine

  • Saligna
  • Yellowwood
  • Walnut