The One and Only Oak Wood

Oak wood is a popular kind of hardwood derived from oak trees. American oak wood has been used for thousands of years for modern construction projects. Today, it is still used worldwide to create long-lasting wooden items, ranging from freestanding furniture to flooring.

All About the Appearance

This timber holds an attractive light colour and holds prominent grain patterning. The sapwood of oak is typically creamy white, while the heartwood can range from light brown to dark brown. The variation of colour in this wood makes it difficult to identify with the eye – especially since this timber can hold multiple colours at a time.

Since oak tends to darken over time, this wood can shift to take on slightly more amber tones. This is a result of UV and oxygen exposure and is an unavoidable change. However, oak wood owners will be glad to know that this change is almost unnoticeable.

The grain is normally straight but can be interlocking. The oak wood texture is coarse and uneven, with a medium to high natural lustre. With the right oil or natural finish, this wood offers a gorgeous contrast and shine!


How to care for oak wood

The amount of care an oak piece requires will depend on how it’s finished and if any measures were taken to seal the wood.  With the correct maintenance, oak wood can survive years of use! Despite the individual care your wood may require, it is important to factor in care, such as waxing, to sustain longevity. Waxing protects the grain of your timber and assists in keeping it resistant to cracks.

When cleaning, it is important to steer clear of commercial polishes and cleaning solutions, as they could damage the finish. Everyday cleaning can be done with a damp cloth thanks to the protection provided by the wax sealant. Be sure not to soak the cloth, as too much water could damage the wood.

Another consideration to take to keep your oak happy is where you intend your timber to be used. Since wood is a natural material, temperature extremities tend not to agree with it. Furniture items should be placed with care in a manner that will ensure even temperature regulation.

oak wood

The sustainability factor

Oak trees tend to grow in abundance, making them ideal for projects underscored with a sustainability objective. Despite its growth rate, the durability of this timber assists wooden pieces in lasting for years to come and staying out of landfills. M&A Timbers supplies a range of exotic American oak wood manufactured to the highest quality standards to support this.

What to consider when choosing oak

Finding oak wood to meet your needs is easy with M&A Timbers. We supply a range of quality timber and can assist with machining services to give your wood stunning final touches. When deciding on the type of oak you would like to use for your project, considering the following questions will guide you to the best choice:

What is the aesthetic you are hoping to achieve with your oak wood?

Where will this timber be used: indoors or outdoors?

Do you require machining services?

Are you interested in staining or painting your timber?

How are you planning to seal your wood?

Include American Oak in your Space
This wood is heavy, hard, and strong, which contributes to its durability and makes it an excellent choice for indoor and outdoor use. Because of its attractive grain and strength, oak is a popular choice for woodworking projects. Whether you’re looking for hardwood with an attractive grain or strong and durable timber, oak wood from M&A Timbers is an excellent choice!