Wood Flooring:
Experience Timeless Beauty

Wood has been one of the most common flooring options for centuries, and it’s easy to see why. The natural beauty this material offers, coupled with its inherent strength, makes wood flooring perfect in so many spaces! While choosing the type of timber you desire used to be one and done, nowadays, we find that the options are endless.

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Despite the rising popularity of engineering and laminated options, we believe that nothing beats the real deal. The luxury offered by wooden flooring can add major aesthetic appeal to your space – one that will last for years to come. We offer exotic timber manufactured to your individual requirements and unique taste, with samples ranging from American oak to stunning blackwood. Our team is also able to guide you through the process to guarantee that your final flooring meets your design dreams.

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The Long-lasting Benefits of Wood Flooring

Sustainable &

One thing that should not be overlooked when considering adding wooden flooring to your space is the style and timelessness this option provides! This material adds a touch of elegance and warmth to every space and doesn’t face the same trend problems as tiling or carpeting. The uniqueness of each timber plank, and shade variances, will also add an authentic appeal to your floor space. This style can also be easily maintained as this flooring can be sanded and sealed after years of use to revive it to its original state.

Durability & Resilience

One of the main benefits of adding wood flooring to your space is the durability it provides. With the correct maintenance, this material can withstand the test of time without losing its lustre. It also handles natural wear and tear better than most other flooring options.


An added appeal of this flooring is its easy short and long-term maintenance. This flooring can be kept clean with simple sweeping to remove dirt and debris. General maintenance, which assists in maintaining years and years of use, is also manageable. Additionally, timber options offer a level of stain resistance not available with carpeting. Should you accidentally spill a liquid, it is a breeze to wipe up and clean.

Healthy &

Wooden floors are much more hygienic than carpets as they do not have the ability to harbour parasites like fleas, dust mites or allergen-producing spores – making it a popular choice for pet owners and allergy sufferers! Moreover, you won’t have to worry about any nasty smells left behind by pets or accidents with liquids, as wooden floors are extremely easy to clean.


The initial price involved with replacing flooring will also be a factor during renovations. Luckily, property owners will be glad to hear that this is a valuable investment! When reselling, we find that buyers will pay premium prices for space with hardwood floors over carpeting, which means that it increase the resale value of your home. The aesthetic appeal and longevity of this flooring also offer plenty of value for current property owners.


With many colours and styles to pick from, this flooring is no longer restricted to classic oak planks. Instead, you can choose dark woods for a more luxurious and refined feel or go with lighter shades like grey or vanilla if you want something modern. Whatever your style, there’s sure to be a wood finish that complements your home décor.

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Is It Time to Transform Your Flooring?

No matter your personal style or taste, wood flooring is a great option that offers both durability and beauty. If you are considering upgrading your home’s flooring, be sure to consult with our experts at M & A Timber! We would be more than happy to help you choose the perfect wood for your space and budget.