Blackwood: Tap into luxury with African timber!

African blackwood, native to the seasonally dry regions of South Africa, is nothing short of exotic and luxurious. This wood is, without question, the densest and un-rosewood-like of the Dalbergia species. It is a consistent favourite for creating acoustic guitar luthiers, wood turners, carvers and fine furniture pieces. Additionally, it is one of the most coveted musical woods on the globe!

The look

The heartwood of African blackwood is what attributes this timber to its name. The colour is typically dark brown with striking black streaks, allowing the illusion of this wood to be almost completely visually black. As a suitable alternative to ebony, this wood offers a minimal grain texture and can be polished to a lustrous finish.

The knots often found in this wood speak to its liveliness and share a remarkable and unique story in every piece. While the growth rings of this wood are hard to define, there is a clear difference in the heart and sapwood – as it changes from caramel to a rich dark hue. This stark difference allows a stunning, clean, descriptive finish for every piece.


Where can this timber be used?

While this is suitable for indoor and outdoor use, it is better suited for indoor applications. This timber is primarily in demand for furniture, carpentry, panelling and flooring. It is also popular for decorative items and musical instruments.

Admired characteristics

While the claim to fame for this timber remains its visual aesthetic, its versatility and durability should not be discarded! The prized nature of this wood is solidified as it is a material found in many older furniture items and heirlooms.

The mightiness of the wood extends further than its final product. As a species that can live for over 150 years, blackwood shares its strength from the day it begins to grow. Under strenuous conditions, these trees may only grow to around 10m in height, but with ideal conditions, they can reach up to 40m. Additionally, these trees are resistant to several fungal pathogens, adding to their versatility.

Material workability

This timber has a high density and powerful composition that attributes to its durability. It is strong in compression and offers good impact resistance – making it ideal for various well-used items. Blackwood is slightly blunting to tools and typically bends well. It can be nailed and screwed with ease but requires more skill for gluing.

On top of this wood’s already stunning appearance, it also offers easy customisation with its ability to be easily stained and polished for an incredible looking finished product.

Why you should consider blackwood

When looking for a timber choice that will make a bold statement, this is our recommended choice. This dense and heavy wood has a unique appearance that is sure to turn heads.


This timber is an investment. With its ability to withstand the test of time, this wood will last for generations.


This is truly a one-of-a-kind material. Every piece offers something different in colour and grain, making each item created with this wood unique.


Blackwood can be used for a variety of purposes. Its density and hardness make it an ideal material for flooring, furniture, and decorative items.


Bring a touch of luxury to your home. This material’s sleek, dark finish adds a touch of sophistication and refinement. Blackwood is the perfect choice for those who want to add a touch of luxury to their home.

The perfect choice!
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