Exotic Meranti Wood

In South Africa, Meranti wood is a popular choice due to its value for money. This species holds a medium bending and crushing strength and has a low resistance to shock loads – making it ideal for various residential projects. In addition, this stable timber provides an easy-to-work with solution and is suitable for exterior and interior uses.
meranti wood

A sustainable timber choice

Although the sustainability of this timber depends on the kind in question, the consensus is that meranti wood is a sustainable choice. This tropical wood is common in several household projects and dominates various pieces of land in Southern Africa. Carbon sequestration and offset contribute to making this wood a more sustainable choice. Manufacturing items from meranti wood typically holds a lower carbon footprint than other timber solutions and holds durability that contributes to long-lasting use.

meranti wood

Where to use Meranti wood

This is often used to create plywood to increase its strength. The stunning colour it shares after staining, and finishing makes it a popular choice for furniture, general construction, and flooring. This hardwood is relatively simple to work with and can be easily stained or painted to achieve your desired finish.

The advantages of this wood


Meranti is a hardwood that can be found in many different colours, but it usually has reddish-brown or purplish tones. This timber provides a smooth finish and uniform look in all applications.


Meranti is a hardwood that has been widely harvested and can be found in many different places. Its affordable price makes it easy to purchase, even if you are on a tight budget!


Generally, this timber is a moderately durable and stable hardwood choice. It is suitable for indoor and outdoor applications but cannot withstand extreme weather conditions.



Meranti wood is known for its resistance to warping and twisting. This makes it an ideal choice for construction projects that require stability and durability.


Working with hardwood is not always an easy feat! Luckily, meranti holds excellent workability properties.

Types of Meranti


White meranti wood is a softer, lightweight variant used mainly in construction. The heartwood of white meranti is a pale yellow and holds even lighter sapwood. This timber is coarse, has medium to large pores and has easy workability.


Yellow meranti is a lightweight hardwood timber that offers moderate durability. The heartwood holds a yellow-brown hue which tends to darken with age. The texture of this wood is coarse with an interlocked grain. This type of meranti offers easy workability.

Light Red

Light red meranti hardwood offers either a straight or interlocked grain that assists its overall durable quality. This wood received its name from its pale red appearance. While this wood is susceptible to insect attacks, it does resist decay. 

Dark Red

Dark red meranti is a moderately durable timber choice. This wood is typically dark red or a purplish brown in colour and holds a coarse texture. It holds decay resistance and is generally easy to work with. Additionally, it stains easily, making for easy customisation.

Include Meranti in your next project!
The many different colours this beautiful hardwood can be found in, makes it a popular choice for many projects! Reach out to discuss your meranti wood needs with the experts at M&A Timbers to find the exact aesthetic you desire. Our team can also provide further guidance on which timber best suits your needs.