Garage Door Cladding: What is it?

Garage door cladding is the material used to cover garage door panels. This is typically done on the exterior of the garage door as it adds a new and aesthetically pleasing appearance. Timber slabs are the most popular material used for cladding garage doors due to the organic, warm feel this material brings. Wood cladding also opens the door to many beautiful design options.

Why consider garage door cladding:

New Design

Many homeowners who are interested in changing the exterior of their property turn to garage door cladding. The range of wood cladding options available allows for full design customisation and allows for your design to be completely refreshed.

Low maintenance

Garage doors are often exposed to harsh elements. From sunshine to heavy rains, these doors are expected to withstand a lot! Wooden cladding offers homeowners an aesthetically pleasing option that keeps the protection of their property at the forefront, all whilst offering low maintenance requirements.

Save money

Changing an entire garage door can become a costly renovation. With wood cladding, the design of your garage door can be updated without hitting astronomical budget numbers.


Finding suitable timber slabs

Garage door cladding is the most economical way to achieve the look of a timber garage door. If you are only looking for a few slabs to repair an old door or enough to begin cladding from scratch, then reach out to the team at M&A Timbers. We can match a profile for you should you have a specific look in mind for your door.

M&A Timbers supplies a range of high-quality timber slabs that are perfect for cladding garage doors. We have a wide variety of species available, all at different price points, to ensure there is something to suit every budget. Contact us today to find out more about our timber products and services.