French Oak Wood

Oak wood is a type of hardwood that is often used in furniture and flooring. French oak is known for its distinctive grain pattern and beautiful colour. The wood can range from light golden amber to a deep rich brown, with occasional streaks of red or black. It is a durable and strong material, which makes it well-suited for furniture that will be used frequently, as well as for flooring.

Benefits of French Oak

Hard Wearing
French oak is one of the most hard-wearing timber options available, making it a popular choice for applications that require good resistance to wear and tear, such as flooring.

Did you know that the colour of French oak wood improves with time? This is because this timber’s grain pattern and colour tend to become more pronounced and vibrant as the years pass.
Easy to Finish
French oak wood can be easily stained with the colour of your choice. This timber holds colour well, making it a perfect choice for projects requiring more versatility in aesthetic choices.
Many wood types are susceptible to mould and insect infestations. Luckily, French oak is a highly durable material that offers superior resistance to these unwanted situations.

French oak’s natural resistance to insects and fungus assists in its ability to limit the damage of your space’s air quality – making it perfect for a hygienic flooring choice.


Supplying you with the best

M&A Timbers has years of experience in sourcing high-quality exotic woods. As a result, we have the insight to help you select the best timber for your project’s needs! If you are interested in French oak or any of the other timbers in our selection, be sure to reach out for more information. We also provide flawless machining services to finish your timber to your exact specifications.