Everything to know about Saligna Gum

Although originally from Australia, there are extensive plantations of saligna gum in South Africa. This species reaches around 50 metres in height and holds a smooth bark and glossy green leaves – making them a stunning addition to nature and spectacular addition to many of our homes!

This wood is somewhat difficult to dry yet comparatively easy to machine and finish, making this material more cost-effective than other timber alternatives. As a now native timber, saligna gum is a suitable choice for various indoor or outdoor uses.

saligna gum

Why should you consider this timber?

Saligna gum is a hardwood with an array of beneficial qualities! This timber is a superior choice for several uses due to its robust nature. In addition, it works effortlessly with all aspects of do-it-yourself projects, from glue and nails to sandpaper.

When cut, this wood readily splits, adding to its ease of use. Its inherent resistance to decay, and low crushing strength, also places it high above several other timbers for applications that require sturdiness – such as doors.


The look

Saligna wood has a straight-grained, open texture appearance that contributes to a smooth overall finish. In colour, this timber ranges from light yellow and pink to pale red hues – making it a popular choice for many timber seekers! In addition, this hardwood is versatile in its ability to take polish and stain, making it easy to customise.

Where to use saligna gum


This timber is an excellent choice for flooring. The hardness of saligna gum makes it an ideal option for areas that experience medium to high traffic. This wood is also easy to clean and maintain – making it a perfect long-term solution.


This rugged and durable timber is well-suited for decking. This hardwood offers extra resistance against decay and insect infestation, making it suitable to withstand various outdoor elements. Saligna gum is also easy to install – adding to its appeal as a decking timber!


Saligna gum is ideal for both indoor and outdoor furniture pieces. This common timber is indigenous to our region, making it easy to come by and comparatively inexpensive to acquire. The easy-to-work-with nature of this hardwood makes it a suitable choice for many unique furniture items.
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