South Africa Pine Wood

While pine wood is not indigenous to our country, it has grown in plantations all around South Africa and has become one of the most cost-effective timber choices on the market. It remains a popular choice due to its versatility in manufacturing and carpentry and can be found in various applications, from flooring to windowpanes.

Is pine wood a good choice?

Pine is a common softwood, but don’t let the name fool you. This wood offers plenty of strength and durability, making it a popular timber used worldwide.

pine wood

The benefits of pine wood extend far beyond its cost-effectiveness. Environmentally, pine wood is a more sustainable choice than most timber types. This is due to the nature of how these trees grow. Since most of the wood is sourced from plantations, there is a guarantee that new trees are always growing during harvest.


The look

Pine wood has a light grain that generally boasts various shades. This makes it incredibly versatile for staining in any colour you desire. Since most stains and waxes take well to this wood, creating a beautiful piece with pine is easy, and you are guaranteed a quality result no matter the direction you choose! This wood also holds unique knots and a prominent grain.

Staying true to durability

The stiffness of pine wood makes it a durable and popular option for furniture pieces. As a softwood, this timber also holds a strong environmental advantage as it is less likely to face shrinking or swelling. Additionally, it offers high shock resistance, impressive compressive strength, and high bending strength. With the correct maintenance, this wood will bring years of use.

Quick Pine Characteristics



Dimensional stability



Easy customisation

Easy maintenance

Moisture resistance

Pine Wood in Your Home
At M&A Timbers, we supply a range of exotic timbers to help you turn your house into your dream home. Whether for construction or for creating unique furniture pieces, we have a selection of pine wood to suit.