Wood Planing: Transform your Timber

Wood planing involves transforming rough timber into a product of beauty. It’s a process that involves using a machine to shave down the wood, making it smooth and even. Planing is essential for any project involving unturned timber. It aims to not only make the timber more aesthetically pleasing but also make it easier to work with.

Our comprehensive planing services make it easy for you to collect your timber’ work ready’. This service ensures that each slab is turned to your exact specifications regarding length and width to maintain consistency.


What is a wood planer?

A wood planer is an innovative woodworking tool that allows timber to be cut into even thicknesses on all sides. Modern wood planers, such as those used by our team, allow for more accuracy in the cutting process and provides manual and electronic control. This machine allows for the precise shaping of any wood – giving you a wider variety of timber to choose from and eliminating project limitations. This service can also be used on old timber seeking new life.


Take your timber from raw to ready!

Wood planing is the key to success for any project that uses raw timber. Not only does it make the wood more aesthetically pleasing, but it also makes it easier to work with. Wood planing ensures that each piece of wood is the same size and shape, making it simpler to put together your final product. Our team of experts can help you get your timber ready for whatever project you have in mind.

Wood planing

Planing versus Sanding

Planing uses a sharp blade to scrape and peel away the surface of the timber. The amount that is removed is controlled. On the other hand, a sander uses grit to wear away the surface and requires a few passes to achieve the desired result.

Sanders are typically used to alter the finish of the wood, while the goal of planing is to even out the surface to a specific thickness. Planing allows for an even thickness that will alleviate your woodworking project. This makes planing indispensable, as the same accuracy cannot be achieved with sanding alone.

Why you should choose planing

If you are interested in achieving a flat surface with smooth and crip edges, then planing is a must! It is also necessary to use timber with varying densities, as it makes it feel flat. The grain on your chosen wood may also dull with sanding, making planing the better-suited finish.

Our Wood Planing Services

Taking timber from rough to smooth has never been easier or more affordable. Wood planing is a crucial step in any project that uses raw timber, so don’t delay. Get your timber transformed with the experts at M&A Timbers.

We offer a wide variety of wood planing services to our clients. Whether you need a single board planed or an entire shipment of timber, we can handle the job. Our team of experienced professionals will work with you to ensure that your project needs are met from start to finish. We offer both hand and machine planing, so we can accommodate projects of any size and complexity. Reach out to us today to discuss your wood planing needs. Our team will have your timber looking its best in no time!