Wooden Countertops

Contrary to popular belief, the wooden countertop revival is here – and it is here to stay. While traditional granite and marble countertops are still strong contenders, wood offers a certain homey appeal. The variety of styles available with timber allows for an impressive result, ranging from subtle grains to deep hues. Constructed with hardwood and glued for strength and stability, wooden countertops provide any space with an authentic, organic aesthetic.
wooden countertops

The Benefits of Choosing Wooden Countertops

Easy installation: Wooden countertops can be easily cut and customised to fit around corners and sinks to ensure a perfect fit for your space. Finishing timber is also easy and straightforward.
Cost-effective: The cost involved with wooden countertops largely depends on the timber chosen, however, they tend to be far more cost effective than traditional countertops options, like natural stone.
Sturdy: No matter what hardships your wooden countertops face, you will be glad to hear that this material is far more forgiving than other countertop options. Knife scratches, deep gouges and even burn marks can be easily refurbished and restored.
wooden countertops

Types of Countertops

The Edge-grained Countertop

Edge-grained countertops are the most common choice for creating butcher blocks. This involves boards placed on their sides and glued along the narrower edges to create a solid surface. These are typically continuous lengths that do not contain joints, though they are sometimes finger jointed.

Where are these used? This countertop is best suited for large areas, such as an island or kitchen tops.

The End-grained Countertop

End-grained countertops are created by turning blocks on their end to form a grid-like pattern that is glued together. This block is often thicker and better for preventing warping.

Where are these used? This top is perfect for kitchen countertops as it is the most forgiving against blemishes.

The Face-grained Countertop

Face-grained countertops, also known as flat grain, are created with flat lain wide wood boards which are edge glued together. This method creates an almost seamless surface that prioritises showcasing the natural pattern of the timber.

Where are these used? This countertop is ideal for islands, tables and desks where the primary goal is to enhance appearance.

Maintaining your Tops

With the correct maintenance, wooden countertops have the potential to last for years to come. Caring for your wooden tops doesn’t have to be a hassle. Keep these tips in mind to maintain their beauty:

Keep it clean

Keeping your countertops clean is important for keeping them looking like new. Make sure you give them a good scrub every week or so with mild soap and water solution to remove any spills that happen before they can ruin the surface of your timber.

Avoid extreme temperatures

If you have wooden countertops in your kitchen, make sure to pay close attention when it comes time for cooking. Keep hot pots and pans off them, and don’t let any drastic temperature changes affect how long they stay at one spot on the surface!

Be careful with sharp objects

Protect your wooden countertop from knives and other sharp objects by using a cutting board during food preparation.

Re-seal regularly

Natural oils are great for keeping your countertops looking fresh, especially when you want them to stay hydrated. You can put natural oil on a cloth and wipe down the surface of each panel individually or do what we recommend- apply directly onto the wood with an old cloth before applying pressure in order to get maximum benefits from this hardworking ingredient!

Which style should I choose?

A deep-coloured timber combined with an edge profile will create a luxurious traditional look.


Choose a lighter timber or whitewash on your wooden countertops for a chic and contemporary feel.



For a rustic vibe, opt for reclaimed wood or timber with knots and other imperfections.


Wooden countertops are the perfect way to add charm to a country-style kitchen.

Exotic Timber Suppliers
M&A Timbers stocks a range of exotic timber choices to help you find a suitable option for your wooden countertops. If you are considering incorporating wood into your renovations, be sure to consult with our experts. Our team is more than happy to help you choose the perfect timber for your space and budget.